My Life As Aryn

Permalink What do you do when the cat falls asleep at the desk? Use him as a keyboard stand….  (at home)
Permalink Someone was reeeeeally excited for UPS to get here.  Hahahaha (at home)
Permalink Projects not baby Z’s room.   Being a grown up!!  #comeonnovember #countdowntobabyz  (at home)
Permalink #29weeks #squashbaby only 11 weeks left. It’s coming up so fast!i love feeling him moving around constantly ❤️❤️  #comeonnovember #countdowntobabyz
Permalink One of those combos I will be grossed out by in the future I’m sure.but today it is delicious.   #dippincrackersinpudding #youcantjudge #impregnant.  Haha!
Permalink Someone doesn’t feel good poor guy. Bundled under 3 blankets and still shivering. :(
Permalink Big ol lap dog #ollieboopers
Permalink #28weeks today! Only 12 weeks left! #countdowntobabyz #comeonnovember #eggplantbaby
Permalink Now, try to tell me these don’t look good.
Permalink Working on an apple pie listening to @Beyoncé.  Pretty good day to me.