My Life As Aryn

Permalink @terrasaurusrex takes good care of me.  Lol
Permalink #25 weeks #countdowntobabyz #comeonnovember only 15 weeks to go!!
Permalink Home.  Baby Z is happily bouncing around. I’m comfy. And as usual buttons isn’t too far away.   (at home)
Permalink Aaaaaaaaaaaand were off.   Lol. This girl is ready for some food!  (at Louisville Marriott Downtown)
Permalink Almost time to bust out the curling iron and makeup for fancy pants dinner night. Haha. For now though, I will continue being lazy.   (at Louisville Marriott Downtown)
Permalink Please ignore the stupid face,  I’ve gotten a few texts/Fb messages asking for one,  so here you go.  #24weeks #dabelly #comeonnovember #countdowntobabyz  don’t get used to these!  Haha
Permalink Matt is at the hotel gym being all healthy, I however am@being a fatty magoo. Eating junk food watching Gilmore girls. #vacation #gottaloveit #louisville2014   In my defense we have already walked all over the place this morning, so I kind of got a workout in.  Haha  (at Louisville Marriott Downtown)
Permalink #24weeks #cornbaby only 16 weeks to go!!  #comeonnovember #countdowntobabyz
Permalink Someone isn’t feeling the greatest today.  Mr mopey pants :(